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This Is Why Indiana Painters Insurance Is Important

In a previous article we learned about Ben and Steve who started their very own painting business following in their father’s footsteps.

They landed their first painting job but forgot to buy business insurance let’s now pick up the account to learn what happened next.  (Click here to read the first article)

After successfully completing their first job and receiving a letter of recommendation from their first customer, plus 4 referrals they set three new appointments and of the three estimates they give they immediately book one new interior painting job from a referral of their first customer.

Steve and Ben are pretty excited and share that enthusiasm with their father Alvin as they have dinner with the family that evening.

“Great job boys, the very key to success in establishing a successful painting business is to follow the steps that we talked about that Saturday.” Alvin states with a deep sense of pride in his voice.

“I’m proud of you boys in following my suggestions.”

Steve and Ben briefly glanced at each other and Steve mentions to their father, “Well there were a few steps that we really didn’t take care of but we followed the other steps that you gave us and everything turned out great!”

“What steps did you miss?”  Alvin with a knowing look asks.

“Well we skipped the insurance part and incorporating our business because we weren’t sure if this was going to work out.”

Alvin looks at both of his sons and says, “I see.”

In our next article we will continue the conversation Alvin is having with his sons who just started their very own painting business and learn why it’s important to have the appropriate insurance when you’re a painting contractor.

Painting Contractors Insurance Indiana-One Call or Click Away!

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