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This Is Why You Should Purchase Michigan Painting Contractors Insurance.

In a previous article we learned that Steve and his brother Ben had successfully completed their first painting job and received a few referrals and a letter recommendation from their new customer. 

The boys were telling their father Alvin about their first customer and they mentioned that they did not purchase a business insurance policy.

Let’s pick up our conversation to see how Alvin encourages his sons to think about the important of purchasing business insurance.

“Let me ask you something Steve and Ben.  When you showed up to start working on your first job, did you show up without paint?”

“No.” both respond together.

“How about a brushes?”


“How about a ladder?”

“Dad you know we can’t paint a house without paint, brushes or a ladder.” Ben sheepishly answers knowing what is coming next.

Boys I’m glad that you didn’t show up to your first job without being prepared to paint, Alvin continued, “Since I trained you boys from a young age I know that you’re responsible and safe men when it comes to working on the job,”

“Let me ask you a question.”

“Steve let’s say that as your adjusting your ladder you accidentally run your ladder through your customers window. Who would be responsible for that damage?”

Steve responds, “Well we would.”

“You’re right, if you break something at a customer’s home you’re going to have to fix it or pay for it, otherwise you can forget those letters of recommendation and referrals and any potential new business from that same customer in the future.”

“Even if you agreed to fix the damages you still may leave a little bit of a bad taste in your customer’s mouth, especially if your customer finds out that you don’t have painters insurance.”

“How much damage could we really do Dad,” Ben pipes in, “it seems like insurance for painters is really not necessary.”

“That’s a great question Ben, let me grab a cup coffee and share a little story with you on why I would never be on the job without commercial insurance, I’ll be right back in a minute after I top off my cup of coffee.”

In our next article Alvin explains to Ben and Steve why taking short cuts on business insurance can lead to bad results.

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