Painting Contractors Insurance Ohio

If you are a painting contractor no matter if you are a sole proprietor or you employee others you need the best options for painting contractors insurance in Ohio.

Pathway Insurance offers comprehensive liability insurance for painters in Ohio, Michigan, Indiana, Kentucky, Tennessee, Georgia, and Florida directly and through a referral network and the remaining 43 states.

This Is Why You Need Painting Contractors Insurance.

Purchasing the appropriate contractors insurance protects yourself and your customers from damage or injuries you may cause or be found to be responsible for.

Imagine for a moment that you obtain the winning bid for a $5000 exterior painting job and then cause $10,000 of damage to your customer’s home because of an accident you cause!

If you did not have painting contractors insurance you will need to pay the entire claim out-of-pocket!

In contrast if you have the appropriate general liability insurance that $10,000 claim will be paid by your insurance company.

Smart Business Owners Purchase the Appropriate Business Insurance Protection.

Case Example:

Ben and Steve are twin brothers attending a local university and they think it would be a good idea to offer painting and drywall installation for supplemental income instead of working for someone else.

Their father Alvin owned a painting contracting company for 30 years and recently retired and sold his company to a home-improvement company.

Ben and Steve ask their father for some advice on how to start.

Alvin spends a Saturday afternoon explaining how to advertise for business, how to set up a corporation without an accountant or an attorney, what types of insurance to buy, what contracts to use when they sign up customers, and what steps to take to make sure that your customers are satisfied, a follow-up system to keep in touch with customers who may need your services at another time, and finally how to encourage customers to refer any friends or family members for future discounts on services.

Alvin emphasizes to the boys that they should never start a job without having the proper insurance. He mentions in passing the reason why he was so successful in part was due to some of his main competitors not following this advice.

Shortly after this discussion with their dad Ben and Steve land their first job that will start next Tuesday and the customer makes a down payment.

They follow most of the advice Alvin gave them except incorporating their business and purchasing insurance.

They simply did not want to spend any money on insurance until they knew for sure they were going to be able to sustain their business.

Besides they had a number of years of experience and they had never had an accident while working with their fathers company.

What could happen?

In our next article we will learn the rest of the story. 

Need Ohio Painting Contractors Insurance?

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